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KEPRO understands the importance of our members, and it is for this reason that a consumer has been hired as part of the management team staff. A vital part of the position of consumer and community affairs director is to insure that education surrounding managed care issues is implemented statewide.

The Consumer and Community Affairs Program addresses the following goals:

  • Provide education and empowerment to those individuals receiving behavioral health services
  • Promote volunteerism and assist communities in developing active networks for the delivery of alternative or complimentary services in order to support clinical care
  • Educate providers on consumer choice and empowerment
  • Identify and report on needed services and quality of care
  • Continue education on managed care and the functions of the ASO

More detailed information about this program can be found under West Virginia Consumer and Community Affairs Department.

Members and families need access to information regarding any resources available to them. An important part of both consumer/family and provider education is understanding targeted case management, which will be a part of the consumer and community affairs statewide trainings this year. For those who need services outside the scope of the West Virginia Medicaid program, refer to alternative resources in West Virginia.

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